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Switzerland’s Ok Energy Drink lowers the caffeine slightly for its yerba mate-flavored innovation

Mate Ok Energy Drink

The Ok Energy Drink in Switzerland is celebrating its anniversary this month, and it is a big one, turning one and a half decades old at 15. That is most definitely something worth celebrating, as any brand in any industry should be proud of being around that long and holding the presence that the likes of this beverage maker does in its home country. To go with its birthday, Ok already released an all-new, sugarless version of its higher-caffeine spin-off, Caffeine Kick, but that was not all it had up its sleeve.

Following on from the rollout of the Caffeine Kick Ok Energy Drink without any sugar is the introduction of the intriguing Mate Ok Energy Drink. The taste on this, if you couldn’t pick it up from the name, is a yerba mate tea-like experience, and without any sugar, so it is one of the beverage specialist’s cleaner options. It has a noticeably smaller amount of caffeine compared to any of the regular flavors in the Ok lineup at 69mg in a 330ml can. Fans will also notice when they see the Mate Ok Energy Drink in stores that this one comes in a traditional, stubby soda-type can, not tall and slim, but it is still 330ml.

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