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Ghost dropping a Bomb Pop-like flavor for Greens and All Out a day before the 4th Of July

Merica Pop Ghost Greens And Legend All Out

As absolutely giant of an announcement as Ghost’s latest authentic flavor collaboration was in the undoubtedly delicious Oreo Mint Ghost Whey, that is far from all it has cooked up for fans at this point in the year. While that third authentic Oreo flavor of protein powder is going live this coming Friday through the brand’s website as well as GNC, on Wednesday of next week, the award-winning and original lifestyle supplement company is dropping a bunch of other creative flavors, including a taste called ‘Merica Pop.

Ghost has crafted its red, white, and blue-themed flavor for its always great-tasting superfood supplement Ghost Greens, as well as its most potent and intense Ghost Legend All Out pre-workout, and it is indeed a Bomb Pop-inspired experience. The brand has included a quick illustration of a Bomb Pop in the flavor call out of its upcoming products, suggesting it will have that typical taste combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry, and what better extension to drop the day before the 4th Of July.

Both the ‘Merica Pop Ghost Greens and ‘Merica Pop Ghost Legend All Out are only going to be available for a limited time, and unlike Oreo Mint Ghost Whey, they are getting a global launch, so they won’t be exclusive to US shelves. There are two more products due to be announced tomorrow by Ghost that are completely separate from the Bomb Pop-themed experiences but are releasing at the same time.