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Authentic Oreo Mint flavor of Ghost Whey announced and launching in about one week

Oreo Mint Ghost Whey Protein Powder

Based on Ghost’s most recent teaser image, we suspected it would potentially be coming out with another authentic flavor put together in collaboration with the iconic sandwich cookie, Oreo. A couple of days after that teaser featuring an Oreo cookie and the words “It’s MINT to be”, the original lifestyle supplement company has announced exactly that. Ghost is indeed preparing to release an authentic Oreo Mint flavor, of course, for its great-tasting and completely transparent Ghost Whey protein powder.

You’ll get a similar nutrition profile in the upcoming Oreo Mint Ghost Whey protein powder as the other authentic Oreo flavors the brand has put out — Oreo and Oreo Birthday Cake — providing 25g of protein per serving, all from high-quality whey, and 150 calories. Based purely on the name and taste of those other Oreo collaborations, you can expect a delicious cookie-heavy and cream flavor experience alongside a touch of mint, which is almost always strong and noticeable when it’s in the name.

The all-new and third Ghost and Oreo authentic collaboration is going to be a US-exclusive launch, not something fans will be seeing anywhere else around the world, at least for now, like the majority of the innovations and flavor extensions it drops on a regular basis. The Oreo Mint Ghost Whey protein powder is launching directly through the brand’s website at, as well as its major retail partner, GNC, with both locations due to have it available about a week from now, on Friday of next week.