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MuscleBlaze expands its extensive selection with a trending clear-style protein powder

Muscleblaze Clear Whey Isolate

The subcategory of clear protein powder has exploded in North America more recently, but it has been around for several years internationally, specifically in the UK and Europe where you’ll find many different brands having something in that space. There are some areas of the world where it also wasn’t as prominent but has grown in interest lately, including India, where the mainstream sports nutrition company MuscleBlaze has produced something.

The latest innovation out of the genuinely giant and extensive MuscleBlaze is BioZyme Clear Whey Isolate, another supplement that follows the traditional path of a clear-style protein powder with the signature twist of the brand. Every serving of the product comes with that lighter 20g of protein, as seen in most other clear protein powders, all from premium whey isolate, and for the signature MuscleBlaze touch, its BioZyme has been added to support digestion.

The other macros in MuscleBlaze’s BioZyme Clear Whey Isolate are nice and light, with close to zero grams of fat at 6mg, 2.9g of carbohydrates with practically no sugar, and a lean 92 calories. Staying true to the format, the supplement is exclusively available in clear and refreshing flavors, or flavor, as to start, it has just one taste on its menu in a citrusy Icy Orange.