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Myprotein’s iced coffee drink with Jimmy’s has 14g of protein but also 14g of sugar

Myprotein X Jimmys High Protein Iced Coffee

Myprotein announced a pretty significant collaboration earlier this year where it is teaming up with the popular coffee company Jimmy’s for a special edition iced coffee beverage that combines signature features from both sides of the partnership. That product recently made its way to market and can now be purchased directly through the brand’s online store at, making it incredibly easy to get your hands on and at a relatively cost-effective price on a pack of four cans.

Myprotein and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee hitting the market has brought two key things to the surface; the first is availability, as you can now head to the sports nutrition giant’s website and purchase the beverage collaboration at ¬£5 (6.37 USD), for a box of four, working out to ¬£1.25 each. The other bit of information we’ve now got is the exact nutrition and ingredients, a genuinely important part of the product, especially since nutrition is a highlighted side, as previously all we knew was the protein.

As mentioned, the iced coffee drink from Myprotein and coffee veteran Jimmy’s is a blend of both worlds and by that, we mean it is a great-tasting coffee that’s high in protein. Every compact 250ml can comes with 14g of protein thanks to protein-enriched milk being the number-one ingredient, an equal amount of carbohydrates at 14g, all of which is sugar, 2.5g of fat, and 135 calories. The collaboration is also made with single-origin, Rainforest Alliance Certified arabica coffee, ensuring an authentic iced coffee taste with that promised high protein, although it is a one-to-one protein to carbohydrate ratio.

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