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NutraBio issues a response to Ryan Garcia’s claim of finding Ostarine in SuperCarb

Nutrabio Statement Over Ryan Garcia Claims

Professional boxer Ryan Garcia has been in mainstream media a lot lately regarding a whole host of things, including some of the words he’s said regarding Prime and its signature sports drink, which led to Logan Paul and his brand filing a defamation lawsuit against him. Garcia also failed a VADA drug test, testing positive for ostarine, a SARM, althougb he claims it wasn’t taking directly, instead, he has said it got into his system by way of a supplement from a very familiar brand.

Ryan Garcia’s team claims it found ostarine in a powder supplement by the name of SuperCarb, a premium carbohydrate-based product to fuel endurance and performance, and it is from the incredibly reputable sports nutrition company NutraBio. Not only is NutraBio known for being one of the first in the industry to have an entirely completely transparent line of products, but it sources all of the ingredients and makes the products itself in its own high-quality production facility.

“NutraBio has never manufactured a supplement with Ostarine, and has never brought Ostarine into our manufacturing facility. We have a long-standing commitment to producing the highest-quality supplements, trusted by athletes worldwide.”

Mark Glazier, the CEO and founder of NutraBio, has come out with a response to Ryan Garcia’s claims regarding SuperCarb containing traces of ostarine, and rightfully so, as not only is it something you can’t have as a tested athlete but it also can’t be put into over the counter supplements. NutraBio is, of course, taking this whole situation extremely seriously and is investigating further to find out all it can and get some answers, and it wants to reassure fans, as always, it can be trusted.

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