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PEScience’s functional pancake and waffle mix is finally getting a second flavor on Monday

Pescience Dark Chocolate Waffle Mix

This coming Monday, at precisely 10AM Eastern Time, PEScience is making its functional baking mix that little bit better by adding another flavor to its menu or essentially giving it an actual menu as, at the moment, it only has one taste to choose from. Since the product came to market almost exactly one year ago, the Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix has been available in a lone Homestyle Buttermilk flavor, fitting for a powder that can be turned into protein waffles and pancakes, but a lonely option nonetheless.

The second flavor of PEScience’s Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix is going to be a rich and decadent Dark Chocolate, which is not just another taste for the functional supplement, but a drastically different one, giving fans some strong variety. The macros of the flavor extension will be roughly the same, including a respectable 15g of protein per serving, and it looks as though it’ll be available in the product’s original 12-serving bag, with no sign of the more cost-effective 36-serving tub, although that doesn’t completely rule it out.

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