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PEScience takes a non-groggy melatonin-free approach to sleep in Haze

Pescience Haze

PEScience has entered the sleep aid space this week, revealing and releasing its flavored powder product, Haze, to support several areas of sleep and ensure you maximize the crucial nighttime window. It relies on a combination of mostly common sleep ingredients, although there are a couple of uncommon components in the mix. One thing that is definitely missing from the formula is melatonin, something the brand is proud of, as it calls it out in its marketing material.

Driving the experience in PEScience’s Haze is 200mg each of theanine and 5-HTP, a hefty 3g of glycine, half a gram of the recovery-supporting tart cherry juice powder, 320mg of magnesium from high-quality magnesium glycerophosphate, and 250mg freeze-dried organic maqui berry powder. The various ingredients aim to support different areas of sleep, including help getting to sleep, improved deepness and quality of sleep, recovery, inflammation, and it promises to have you waking up without any grogginess or lagging tiredness found in some other sleep supplements.

Pescience Haze Label

PEScience has combined everything mentioned — ingredients, dosages, and their benefits — in a compact, easy-to-use, unflavored, but sugary sweet powder for you to drink before going to bed and ensure you relax, unwind, and are soothed to sleep. The reputable brand actually has a sale on Haze right on launch where instead of paying $49.99 for a tub of 30 servings, it falls to $34.99, and it seems as though the ongoing coupon “INSIDER” still gets you 10% off on top of that.

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