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Power Crunch creates a Pringles-like experience in its crispy protein chip snack

Power Crunch may be known for its wafer-style protein bar, but it has just added another innovation that is similar to something we’ve seen many times before, although the format and way it’s being presented and packaged brings a whole new approach to the space. Protein Crisps is Power Crunch’s latest high-protein food, keeping that familiar crispy and crunchy texture seen in its original protein bar, although put into thin chips that you can pop one after another in four classic flavors.

The creative and intriguing feature of Power Crunch’s Protein Crisps protein snack is that they don’t come in a bag or pouch; they come in a pot or canister, just like the classic Pringles. While the crisps are not stacked as neatly as what you get in a can of Pringles, they are shaped the same with a thin, circular, curved chip. The nutrition is, however, significantly better, with 22g of protein in a 2oz pot, a very reasonable 10 to 12g of carbohydrates, only a gram of that sugar, 21g of fat, and 320 calories.

Power Crunch Protein Crisps Close Up

You get a good amount of crisps per pot at precisely 24, and again, Power Crunch has crafted four different flavors of its all-new Protein Crisps, all classic chip flavors in Cheddar, Hot & Spicy, Salt & Vinegar, and Barbecue. We have seen many different protein crisps and chips throughout the years, and from all around the world, although none with this canister approach, which adds a whole new feel to the format, adding some familiarity and association to the iconic Pringles can.

You can purchase Protein Crisps directly through Power Crunch’s own online store at $26.97 for a bundle of six pots, and that is rather expensive, seeing as that’s a similar cost to buying twice that in protein bars. There are only two of the four flavors available at the moment in Cheddar and Salt & Vinegar, with Hot & Spicy and Barbecue said to be coming at a later date, as well as a variety pack for fans to try three of the options before investing in one of the six-packs of all one flavor.