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Sugar-free flavor drops now available at Protein Works in three tasty options

Protein Works Flavor Shots

Concentrated flavor drops are a popular type of product over in the UK and Europe, and something you can find in the catalogs of many different health, nutrition, and wellness brands. Beginning this week, that list includes the popular protein brand Protein Works, which has revealed and released the simply named Flavour Shots. The item is as typical as you get when it comes to drop-style flavor supplementation, giving you a small bottle of flavor that you squeeze drops from to add guilt-free flavor to your food or beverage.

Protein Works’ Flavour Shots are made primarily with water and the artificial sweetener sucralose, and in a 15ml serving you get just 100mg of carbohydrates, so practically nothing. Again, the idea with this, as well as any other concentrated flavor product, is to add the taste of the bottle to your food, smoothie, or anything else without the guilt. Flavour Shots is basically calorie-free free and it has three tastes to choose from, most of them dessert style, but they could be used elsewhere in the likes of Chocolate, Vanilla, and a salty Caramel.

Flavour Shots from Protein Works are available in small, droplet bottles of 50ml of concentrated flavor, and the price of the calorieless additive is more than reasonable at £6.99 (8.94 USD), unless you get in shortly and use the limited-time coupon code “FLAVOUR” for a discount of 30%, down to £4.89 a piece.