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Protella infuses Creapure and collagen for two separate and unique coffee pod products

Protella Collagen And Creatine Coffee

Protella in Spain has been making some moves quite frequently, recently, with a lot of attention on its sports nutrition side, introducing a variety of supplements, separate from its typical world of creative and intriguing functional foods. To close out the month of June, the ever-expanding brand has pulled together a bit of both — functional and supplement — with two hybrid coffee products in Collagen Coffee and Creatine Coffee, which you could probably figure out from their names.

Collagen Coffee is simply a combination of hair, skin, and nail health-supporting collagen at a small but present 2g per serving, and ground coffee. As for Protella’s other innovation, Creatine Coffee, similarly has a whole two grams of high-quality, premium Creapure creatine monohydrate for muscle strength, performance, and power, and again, blended with ground coffee. The result is two supplements offering the familiar benefits of collagen and creatine, as well as the uplifting effects of coffee.

We would have liked to see higher dosages of the main ingredients in Protella’s Collagen Coffee and Creatine Coffee, although that has been sacrificed for a convenient format. Instead of putting the products in bulk powder format or even single-serving sachets, they come in pods that can be thrown into a Nespresso machine. The approach will certainly make Collagen Coffee and Creatine Coffee even more appealing to coffee drinkers, and the price is not bad at €7.50 for a box of ten pods.