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Pure Protein adds to its powder business with a well-rounded meal-style protein powder

Pure Protein The All In One

Mainstream Pure Protein is primarily known for its on-the-go protein products, and it has a few of them, including the Pure Protein Shake, Pure Protein Bar, and Pure Protein Popped Crisps, all in a variety of flavors and packing nutrition profiles that are high in protein. There is a powder side to the brand’s business with a traditional whey-based protein powder, which has just been joined by something a bit more nutritionally comprehensive in The All In One.

Pure Protein’s The All In One is another protein powder, but as per the name, it is designed to be a complete solution, sort of like a meal replacement, although the carbohydrates don’t get too high. The macros break down into 25g of protein, primarily from whey concentrate, like the brand’s standard protein powder, 9g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, 2g of fat, and 150 calories. The protein isn’t entirely from whey, there is also 10g of collagen helping provide the muscle-building macro and the usual collagen benefits of healthy hair, skin, and nail support.

Pure Protein The All In One Label

In addition to the dual sources of protein in whey concentrate and collagen, there is some fiber in The All In One as well, with Pure Protein calling on soluble corn fiber for 6g a serving, and it’s further reinforced the supplement with a multivitamin blend, 14 different vitamins and minerals to be exact, for general health and wellness, and really rounding out the product.

The name of Pure Protein’s latest innovation is The All In One, and that is precisely what it has packed into the supplement: various sources of protein, a reasonable blend of carbohydrates, collagen, dietary fiber, and a host of vitamins and minerals. The comprehensive nutrition product is available first through Amazon, no sign of it yet on the brand’s own website, with two flavors in Creamy Vanilla and Rich Chocolate, 14 servings per tub, and a price tag of $24.99.