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Black Ops spin-off of Total War hits GNC but without GBB and alpha yohimbine

Redcon1 Slightly Changes Total War Black Ops For Gnc

Total War Black Ops is Redcon1’s more premium pre-workout competitor; it’s the brand’s most expensive and advanced entry in the saturated category. It has several other ingredients and dosages in the supplement that separate it from the regular Total War to power energy, focus, pumps, and performance. The list includes a combined 4g of NO3-T nitrates, a potent 400mg of caffeine, the powerful stimulant duo of TeaCrine and Dynamine, and a touch of weight loss in ProGBB and grains of paradise.

About a year and a half after it came to market, Redcon1 seems to have reworked its Total War Black Ops pre-workout, at least according to its listing at the major sports nutrition retailer GNC. Basically, everything in the supplement appears to be exactly the same, including that sizeable 4g of combined NO3-T nitrates, breaking down into 2g of citrulline nitrate, and a gram each of betaine and creatine nitrate.

Redcon1 Updated Total War Black Ops Label

There are simply two differences between the version of Total War Black Ops now available at GNC and its many different locations across the country, and that is the removal of two separate ingredients. The two-time Brand Of The Year winner’s advanced pre-workout is without one of its weight management components in the sweat-inducing ProGBB branded GBB at 25mg. The always potent and hard-hitting alpha yohimbine is the other dropped ingredient, originally included at a rather strong 2mg.

As mentioned earlier, everything else in Total War Black Ops has remained the same, so if you’re a fan of the Redcon1 pre-workout, you can expect the same level of pump and performance support. The change will come in the stimulant side, with less of a hit or kick, thanks to the alpha yohimbine, and less of a thermogenic effect due to the GBB. GNC has its tweaked Total War Black Ops on for $54.99, a dollar under the Black Ops on, with the same three flavors to choose from.

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