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Sport Edition of Soyjoy’s signature snack bumps up the protein to 7g in a 30g bar

Soyjoy Open Sesame

The soy-based protein snacking brand Soyjoy, heavily available in Japan as well as Indonesia, has revealed and released an all-new version of its signature, self-titled product, the Soyjoy Protein Bar, called the Sport Edition. It is a little difficult to tell what exactly makes the product any different from the other flavors already available for the functional food, as the name Sport Edition makes you think there is something special about it, and we believe it comes down to the protein content.

The all-new Sport Edition Soyjoy Protein Bar, available in a lone sesame seed-flavored option called Open Sesame, has a bit more protein than any of the other options the product has on its menu, like Strawberry, Raisin, Blueberry, or Chocolate Almond. Instead of sitting down near 4 to 5g in a light 30g piece, the Sport Edition or Open Sesame flavor has almost doubled to 7g, which still isn’t a lot as those others aren’t supremely high, but all while still weighing 30g, so it’s essentially a leaner, higher protein variant, and it is rolling out to stores in Indonesia in single bars, boxes of 12, and cases of 48.

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