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Explosive Viking Power rolls into the pump category with a compact capsule competitor

Viking Power Tyr

House brand Viking Power from MM Sports in Sweden has been steamrolling this year with innovation after innovation, two of the previously most recent being the glucose disposal agent Gungnir and the premium anti-aging and cellular health supplement, Idun’s Blessing. After a bit of a break where we didn’t see any completely new products for a short while, the 2023 International Brand Of The Year is back with a pump-enhancing supplement in capsule format named Tyr.

Like many other pump products that have hit the industry after the past few years in that more compact format of capsules, Viking Power and Tyr have stuck to the smaller ingredients that require lighter dosages to be effective, unlike citrulline at 8g or even betaine at 2.5g or more.

To enhance muscle pumps, Viking Power has packed Tyr with 600mg each of taurine and CellFlo6 green tea extract, 200mg of grape seed extract, 165mg of amla fruit, 100mg of pine bark, half a gram of the quality electrolyte source pink Himalayan salt, and lastly, 50mg of S7. There is also 35mg of AstraGin in the supplement to improve the absorption, uptake, and efficacy of everything, and it all comes together for the sole purpose of elevating pumps without stimulants.

All in all, Tyr does what it needs to do, featuring a set of ingredients each known for its ability in the area of pumps and blood flow, and it’s a great addition to the Viking Power family that has well over 20 different supplements, but it didn’t have a pump pre-workout in capsules. Tyr serves that exact purpose and it has gone live this week over on MM Sports online store at 499 (47.59 USD), right in line with the premium price points on each of its other sports nutrition products.