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Dion Sanders’ Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy Drink sells out online in just 21 minutes

Where To Buy Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy

Primetime Punch is the newest flavor of Redcon1’s increasingly popular and fast-growing Redcon1 Energy Drink, and it is indeed a collaboration with none other than Dion Sanders, Coach Prime himself. The beverage features its own special edition can design and a completely new flavor that blends strawberry, pineapple, grape, and pear. It also obviously has all of the beverage’s usual key ingredients, including carnitine, taurine, alpha-gpc for mental focus, 200mg of caffeine, and zero calories.

The long-awaited Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy Drink became available this week and went live in the brand’s online store over at However, if you blinked or basically didn’t react within 20 minutes of the launch communication going out to the public, you will have unfortunately missed out. Redcon1 impressively sold through every bit of stock of Primetime Punch allocated to its online store, in just 21 minutes, proving just how popular and highly-anticipated the collaboration is.

While direct availability of the Primetime Punch Redcon1 Energy Drink is not an option right now, the product will return to the two-time Brand Of The Year’s website at some point. Alternatively, you can or will soon be able to find Dion Sanders’ own authentic flavor of the beverage at retailers, including some of the biggest in the game, including the supermarket HEB and the convenience store chain Circle K.