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X-Zero’s newest flavors spice things up with limited collector’s edition label designs

X Zero Four Limited Flavors Wild Strawberry

Gaming supplement company X-Gamer makes two core energy and focus-supporting products, in the original X-Gamer, boasting a strong 200mg of caffeine for energy, and the other one is X-Zero, sugar-free alternative that halves the caffeine down to 100mg. Of the two, X-Zero is the newer supplement, and the brand has been putting a lot more attention on it since its release, rolling out a bunch of interesting and intriguing flavors, and that doesn’t stop here in the middle of the year with a bunch of all-new options.

X-Gamer in Sweden has dropped four more flavors for its sugarless, lower-caffeine X-Zero gaming supplement that are permanent, although for a limited time, they feature special edition label designs, making them somewhat collector’s editions. The brand has spiced up the halfway mark of 2024 with Dragon Fruit, an extremely intriguing Orange Elderflower, Lemon Cactus, and the double-named Wild Strawberry & Strawberry, and to make it easier, you can purchase them all in a discounted bundle at 2,199 kr (209.70 USD).

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