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Distribution powerhouse Prometeus brings Xtend’s complete EAA to Europe

Xtend Eaa Launches In Europe

Xtend, owned by the same parent company as the pre-workout giant C4, recently came out with a completely new amino cocktail featuring all nine essential amino acids, as opposed to the three all-important BCAAs it built its name around. Xtend EAA is the supplement, and it is precisely that: a combination of all nine EAAs and arginine at a dose of 10g, the majority of that being the EAAs, to support muscle recovery and repair, plus some electrolytes for hydration.

That Xtend supplement, or at least a version of that supplement, has made its way into the major European market, thanks to the sports nutrition brand’s powerhouse distribution and the go-to name in that part of the world, Prometeus. Like the original here in the US, Xtend EAA in Europe brings together essential amino acids for recovery and electrolytes for hydration, with the same exact dose of EAAs and arginine at 10g; 9.5g of that coming from the EAAs and the rest arginine.

Xtend EAA is rolling out across the European market in three flavors, all of them different from the US menu of Lemon Lime, Mango, and Blood Orange, with Summer Fruits, Apple Raspberry, and Tropical. Prometeus is known for its deep reach all throughout the continent, into each of the important countries, so consumers in the area can probably expect to see the EAA-based supplement in a lot of places.

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