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Introducing Cadence and its canned sports drink combining carbonated spring water and salt

The beverage industry has seen an influx of carbonated or sparkling energizing products as well as a wave of high-quality sports drinks packed full of electrolytes to support hydration, performance, and recovery. Cadence is an all-new brand that has just hit the market, and it falls right in between those two popular approaches with a carbonated and canned competitor that very simply combines spring water and salt in a flavored beverage that has absolutely no sugar or calories.

Cadence Electrolyte Drink is genuinely as simple as a blend of refreshing carbonated spring water and salt at half a gram in a compact 250ml can. There is also potassium chloride and magnesium lactate in the beverage, at 190mg and 295mg, respectively, which combine with the salt to support the key areas of hydration, performance, and recovery. Cadence has actually put together a detailed breakdown of why it chose those specific components on its website at

Cadence Electrolyte Drink

The convenient and versatile Cadence Electrolyte Drink is flavored, but there is nothing to concern yourself in terms of nutrition, as it doesn’t have any sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. To start, the beverage is only available in a classic Citrus flavor and it’s naturally sweetened with stevia, instead of relying on the all-too-common artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

It’s not often you come across sparkling sports drinks or hydration-specific beverages, even less often in the form of a compact aluminum can. That is precisely what the newcomer Cadence has done in its debut Electrolyte Drink, and built it around standout features like no sugar, zero calories, naturally sweetened with stevia, vegan-friendly, and a science-backed blend of electrolytes led by the 500mg of salt. You can grab the product and give it a try at for shoppers from the US and UK, with cases of two dozen cans costing $68/£48 working out to $2.83/£2 each.