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Low-carbohydrate protein puffs latest addition to the quickly-expanding Bite and More

Bite And More Protein Puffs

Bite and More quickly expanded its selection of products beyond its original hit snack, the soft, fluffy, and smooth Protein Pancake, featuring an easy-to-eat pancake that has a gooey and flavorful filling in all sorts of flavors. The European brand now also has stick-packed Protein Iced Coffee, L-Carnitine Coffee, clean and nutritious rice cakes with a layer of chocolate on top, recently released macarons that are packed with protein, and coming to market this week, we have Right Bite.

Bite and More’s Right Bite is a moderately sized 50g bag of crispy and crunchy puff pieces that are indeed high in protein at 16g, reasonably high and close to the typical 20g found in your average-sized 60g bar. The carbohydrates are equally reasonable in the other direction, staying nice and low at 7g of net carbs, unless you’re looking at the Vegetable Seasoning flavor, as that comes in at 9g, while the marginally lighter is in the other two classic flavors in Barbecue and Chili Lime.

The vegan-friendly Right Bite protein puffs is making its way to market beginning this month, and it should be hitting all of Bite and More’s usual stores and stockists shortly, a list that continues to grow, as the brand can be found across Europe as well as in countries outside of the continent.