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Protein pancake maker Bite & More introduces a box of high-protein macarons

Bite And More Protein Macarons

Bite & More made its name in the world of functional food over in Europe thanks to its original protein-packed pancake, pairing a soft and fluffy pancake with a pocket of gooey, flavorful cream in the center. Most of the developments we’ve seen from the brand since it came to market were more flavors for Protein Pancake, but this week, we have something exciting to share that sees Bite & More get back to its creative roots and develop an entirely new and promising protein snack.

Protein Macarons is the latest innovation from Bite & More in Turkey, and it is as delicious as it sounds. where the creative company has taken the classic macaron format of two soft and crumbly biscuits with tasty cream in between and infused it with protein. The product is relatively high in protein, especially for a macaron, where a box of three provides a total of 10g, so roughly 3.3g in each of the macarons, with no word yet on its other macros, although we don’t imagine they’re high.

Every box of Bite & More’s Protein Macarons has one each of three different flavors of the bite-sized treat in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel. The only other brand we know of to attempt a high-protein or protein-heightened macaron was Fit Kit in Russia, where you got 21g of protein in a box of three, and there was also a chocolate-covered spin-off. After finding success with its Protein Pancake, it’s clear the brand knows what goes into a great-tasting and popular protein snack, leading us to believe Protein Macarons will be as good as they sound, and they’re already on their way to shelves.