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Classic Cherry Cola makes its way to shelves for Celsius’ signature energy drink

Cherry Cola Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius recently rolled out a refreshing new flavor of its signature, clean energy drink featuring ingredients to support metabolism and weight management, general health and wellness, and, of course, uplifting components for a hit of energy. The flavor the brand dropped was Raspberry Peach, and it debuted as an exclusive at the convenience store giant Circle K, which is one of the best exclusives to have as the company is indeed convenient and has 1,000s of locations across the country.

Since then, another intriguing and refreshing new taste has made its way to market for the flagship Celsius energy drink, and this one is a bit more intriguing, as it involves cola, a taste not often attempted in sports nutrition, and that includes functional beverages like Celsius. The newest flavor from the beverage brand is Cherry Cola, a classic blend of cherry and cola, and something Celsius does have a headstart on as a standard cola has been a part of its lineup for several years.

We haven’t heard any mention of the Cherry Cola Celsius energy drink being exclusive to anyone like Raspberry Peach, and if you want to give it a try, one of the first places you can find it is the sports nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, where a case of 12 cans will cost you $24.99.

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