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Raspberry Peach joins the Celsius menu but only at Circle K and its 1,000s of stores

Raspberry Peach Celsius Energy Drink

As the competition in the energy drink space has continued to heat up with newcomers to the category and well-established companies putting in even more effort, Celsius has been more than keeping up, pumping out flavor extensions and even alternative beverages at a fast pace. In the last couple of months, the beverage giant expanded its Vibe family of flavors even further with the galactic pair of Astro Vibe and Galaxy Vibe; it rebranded its non-carbonated drinks as the Fizz-Free Series; and widened the availability of the delicious Celsius Essentials Energy Drink.

That effort and pace continue into the month of February, as news has rolled in on another flavor extension for the flagship Celsius Energy Drink in its slim and sleek 12oz can, packed with natural caffeine, zero sugar, and ingredients to support metabolism and weight management. The latest addition to the beverage’s menu is a blend of two sweet fruits in Raspberry Peach, still with no sugar and a low ten calories. If you want to try Celsius’ newest experience, you won’t actually find this everywhere, as it has launched as an exclusive to the convenience store giant Circle K.

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