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Costco has made its own protein powder and it is unbeatable value at 5.4lb for $47.99

Costco Kirkland Whey Protein

Costco is a go-to source for competitively priced protein powder, as it plays home to several exclusive sizes of sports nutrition supplements, including protein products, that are focused on value, as is almost everything available at the membership retailer. All sorts of brands have put together variants and versions that you can only get at Costco, including Ascent and its high-quality Native Fuel Whey, MusclePharm’s blend-style Combat Protein Powder, and Dymatize’s hugely popular and premium ISO100.

The giant Costco has just released another protein supplement that you can only find in its stores and website, although this time, it’s not from a well-known sports nutrition company. Under its house brand, Kirkland Signature, the retailer has come out with its own strong-value protein powder, simply named Kirkland Whey Protein. As you’d expect, it is incredibly competitively priced where you get a large 5.4lb bag, notably bigger than the common 4lber, packing 70 servings, and at Costco, it is $47.99.

The formula in Kirkland Whey Protein is not as basic or straightforward as you’d expect, nor is the nutrition profile overly bloated or pointlessly high in carbohydrates or fat. Each serving of the supplement has 25g of protein from a blend of whey isolate and concentrate, premium isolate being the primary source. The carbohydrates come in at 4g with a gram of that sugar and a gram of fiber, the fat sits at just 1.5g, and the calories come in at 130; a macro balance that leaves no complaints at the price it is.

Costco has debuted its Kirkland Signature brand Whey Protein in the one Creamy Chocolate flavor, which is said to be more than enjoyable, and again, this is all while costing just $47.99 for a bag of 5.4lbs. There are 2lb bottles of protein powder on the market featuring a similar whey isolate and concentrate blend, that are in the 40 to $50 range, showing just how impressive this is. Basically, if you’re on the hunt for a quality, whey-only, isolate-first protein blend, we don’t know of anything that comes close to this.