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Brazil’s DUX Nutrition expands its basic side with standalone CoQ10 capsules

Dux Nutrition Coq10 Capsules

Single-ingredient supplements are incredibly important and versatile, as they give fans and followers the chance to add something to their day-to-day or workout stack without having to buy something overly complex, or it could be to get more of a specific ingredient. DUX Nutrition in Brazil understands that and offers a vast selection of basic and standalone products, an area of the industry it continues to expand, the latest of which is a self-explanatory capsule competitor named Ultra CoQ10.

DUX Nutrition’s Ultra CoQ10 is, indeed, a dedicated capsule supplement featuring only the antioxidant coQ10 for cellular function and general health and wellness. The brand has included the important ingredient at 100mg per pill, and with two sizes to choose from in 30 and 60 counts, you have the ability to get the usual month’s supply or two months. The larger of the two is more cost-effective by about 25%, as the 30 serving sits around R$120 (21.92 USD), while the 60 is R$180 (32.87 USD).

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