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Biscrunch sees Get-A-Whey layer caramel, Biscoff and ice cream for another flavor of its pastry cake

Get A Whey Biscrunch Ice Cream Pastry

Get-A-Whey, the innovative ice cream brand known for its protein-rich and lower-calorie treats, has expanded its Ice Cream Pastry collection with a new Biscoff-inspired flavor. The latest addition, Biscrunch Ice Cream Pastry, pays homage to the iconic caramel cookie, offering a decadent yet healthier alternative to traditional ice cream cakes. Biscrunch combines layers of caramel cake and Biscoff spread, a rich vanilla ice cream, and crunchy Biscoff pieces across the top, resulting in a delightful mix of taste and texture.

Following the success of the original Black Forest Ice Cream Pastry and recently released Red Velvet Ice Cream Pastry, the mouthwatering Biscrunch keeps the Get-A-Whey creation growing, bringing its menu to a total of three. The nutrition profile of the now-available Biscrunch Ice Cream Pastry is as light and clean as the others, where a sizeable 150ml pastry cake has just 209 calories, coming from 7.8g of protein, the same amount of fat at 7.8g, carbohydrates at 27.1g, of which a low 3.8 is sugar and 2.6g is fiber.