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India’s ever-innovative Get-A-Way makes a low-sugar and low-calorie red velvet ice cream cake

Get A Way Sweeter Than Your Ex

The better-for-you ice cream maker Get-A-Way, originally named Get-A-Whey due to its use of whey for higher amounts of protein, has expanded well beyond its initial format and into all sorts of other delicious, tasty, and healthy treats. Sweeter Than Your Ex is its latest innovation, which is essentially an extension of its previously released and genuinely mouthwatering Black Forest Ice Cream Pastry, featuring layers of chocolate, cake, and ice cream but has only 6g of sugar and 136 calories in a 100g block.

Get-A-Way’s Sweeter Than Your Ex is that same approach as Black Forest Ice Cream Pastry, but a Red Velvet Ice Cream Pastry experience, where you get red velvet cake layers at the bottom and on the top, and a deliciously creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream main body. The product continues the drastically lower sugar and significantly fewer calories compared to any traditional sugar-filled Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake, all while looking to deliver a similar experience, and it is making its way out into the market this week.