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Ghost’s signature pre-workout is being stepped up in almost every area for version four

Ghost Legend V4

In May of last year, Ghost unveiled the, then, newest version of its signature pre-workout Ghost Legend, which was one of the first three supplements the legendary sports nutrition brand ever brought to market. It has indeed gone through a variety of tweaks and changes, and here, in the middle of 2024, the product is about to be reformulated once again. The all-new Ghost Legend V4 is an impressive step up from the previous iteration in almost every area possible.

Ghost has almost evenly improved the newest version of its stimulant pre-workout, Ghost Legend V4, increasing and enhancing the pump and performance support, as well as improving and elevating the muscle pumps and performance. The update includes the addition of one of our favorite multi-benefit ingredients in Senactiv, at a double dose of 100mg a serving, our preferred amount, for its ability to support performance, recovery, and muscle building.

Ghost Legend V4 Label

The all-new and upcoming Ghost Legend V4 has beefed up its pump portion, increasing the straight citrulline to 6g and adding betaine anhydrous at a respectable 2.5g. Then, for performance and endurance, alongside the Senactiv, there is a gram of taurine and, like its predecessor, 3.2g of beta-alanine.

Powering up the energy and focus in Ghost Legend V4 is the addition of the common nootropic tyrosine at a respectable 2g, double the VitaCholine choline bitartrate at a gram, and a 20% more, harder-hitting level of natural caffeine at 300mg. The lifestyle brand has kept on some of the other sensory-supporting components fans will remember from last year’s Ghost Legend, in 100mg of theobromine and another 100mg of the premium and proven nootropic NeuroFactor.

Ghost is launching its pre-workout evolution, Ghost Legend V4, in two weeks on Thursday, the 18th of this month, with the same amount of servings as Legend V3 at 30, not today’s more common 40 half-serving and 20 full-serving split. The supplement is coming to market in six flavors, three of which will be authentic collaborations, all exclusive to the US, in Sonic Cherry Limeade, Welch’s Grape based around the brand’s signature grape juice, and Sour Patch Kids Redberry.