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Ghost’s fourth iteration of Legend will have three global flavors and three US exclusives

Global Flavors Of Ghost Legend V4

In about one and a half weeks, on Thursday the 18th of this month, Ghost is launching the fourth iteration of its signature stimulant pre-workout Ghost Legend, packed with more pumps, performance, energy, and focus, alongside the recovery and muscle-building power of Senactiv. The supplement has several improvements over its predecessor, including 50% more straight citrulline at 6g a serving, a double dose of the multi-benefit Senactiv at 100mg, and a boost in caffeine to 300mg.

It was confirmed yesterday that Ghost Legend V4 is launching in three authentic flavor collaborations with Sonic Cherry Limeade, Welch’s Grape, and Sour Patch Kids Redberry, all options we’ve seen the brand do before for various supplements. All of those tastes will only be available in the US, but there will be three others hitting the global market as well as the US with a classic Blue Raspberry and a smooth Orange Cream, and one more partnership flavor in Warheads Sour Watermelon.

Again, all of the action is dropping on Thursday, the 18th of July, which isn’t just any ordinary Thursday; the supplement is appropriately arriving on National Sour Candy Day. Those three exclusive options will be in the US and nowhere else, while the others will be in the US and internationally, although the Orange Cream will just be found at and the retailer GNC in America.