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KSM-66 and Senactiv added to Build XT Max for even more muscle, performance and recovery

Jacked Factory Build Xt Max

Jacked Factory has been taking a premium approach to a variety of its top-selling sports nutrition supplements since the introduction of Nitrosurge Max, its most advanced stimulant-backed pre-workout to date. That product has been followed by Burn XT Max, Nitrosurge Shred Max, and Lean PM Max, and now we’ve got an evolution of the brand’s muscle-building cocktail Build XT, the original of which, combines PeakO2 and elevATP with AstraGin to enhance performance, strength, and muscle size.

Build XT Max, as it’s named, is Jacked Factory’s premium or advanced version of the muscle builder Build XT, and to make the upgrade purely that, an upgrade, it has everything you get in the original and much much more. All three of the standard version’s ingredients are in Build XT Max, but at bigger, respectable dosages with 50% more of the performance-powering mushroom extract blend, PeakO2, at 1.5g, double the elevATP from 150mg to 300mg, and double the amount of absorption-enhancing AstraGin.

Jacked Factory Build Xt Max Label

In addition to all of that, Jacked Factory has added two completely new ingredients to Build XT Max that help separate it from Build XT even further, and like the original core components of PeakO2 and elevATP, they are for performance, strength, muscle building, and recovery. Justifying the “Max” part of the title, the supplement has a full 600mg dose of KSM-66 Ashwagandha for muscle building, hormone optimization, recovery, and stress, and a solid 100mg of Senactiv for next-level performance and endurance.

Build XT was already relatively specialized, offering support in the area of muscle building and performance with a versatile blend of ingredients. Jacked Factory’s Build XT Max drastically takes things up a notch, offering more support in those initial areas due to the higher dosages, and you get the reliable and effective KSM-66 and Senactiv. If you need even more reason to take an interest in Build XT Max, the price on it right now is incredibly competitive at a discounted $29.99 for the usual 30 servings.