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Jacked Factory makes a premium Lean PM that costs just $5 more

Jacked Factory Lean Pm Max

First, there was the premium pre-workout Nitrosurge Max, and then we got the fat burner Burn XT Max, featuring a similar strategy of a more advanced and stacked set of ingredients. Continuing the reputable Jacked Factory’s “Maxed Out Dosage” Max Series is another weight loss supplement, separate from Burn XT Max; however, like that, it is a spin-off of an already available item. Jacked Factory has created Lean PM Max, a step up from the original Lean PM built to help you get a good night’s sleep and burn fat.

There are some common ingredients between Jacked Factory’s Lean PM and Lean PM Max, although with that said, the price is not an overly large leap. The more premium Max Series version costs $5 more than the standard at $39.99 versus $34.99 for the same number of 30 servings. Another key point about Lean PM Max is that it doesn’t have a melatonin-free option like Lean PM, where you get all of the same ingredients and dosages but rutaecarpine and lemon balm in place of melatonin for those who prefer to sleep without it.

Jacked Factory Lean Pm Max Label

For the purpose of weight loss, Jacked Factory’s Lean PM Max features a gram of Carnipure’s premium and high-quality carnitine tartrate, then essentially everything else is there to get you to sleep and ensure it’s effective deep sleep. Alongside Carnipure is the relaxing theanine, various sources of magnesium, including Albion bisglycinate chelate, 150mg of Sensoril ashwagandha, and lastly, a 3mg blend of melatonin, divided up into half standard melatonin and half sustained-release MicroActive melatonin.

Jacked Factory does promote Lean PM Max as a premium hybrid fat-burning sleep aid, but with the division of ingredients it has, it is mostly a sleep supplement with a dash of weight loss support by way of the Carnipure carnitine. As mentioned, you can grab it directly from the brand’s official online store at for $5 more than the regular Lean PM, which isn’t as big of a price jump as we typically see for advanced spin-offs and alternatives, although it also makes it easier to justify if you’re deciding between the two.