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Myprotein launches its Hyrox collaboration and surprises with a couple of gels and a bar

Myprotein Hyrox Gels And Bar

We shared all there is to know about each of Myprotein’s Hyrox supplement collaborations last month, with the complex intra-workout The Electrofuel, the carbohydrate-backed post-workout The Recovery, and the simplest of the lot, the dedicated electrolyte product, The Electro. All of those products have finally become available for purchase this week at, with the electrolyte supplements Electro and Electrofuel at £19.99 and the recovery-focused formula at £34.99.

Hyrox The Energy Gel

It turns out that Myprotein has three other items included in its collaboration with the sport and brand of Hyrox, and they’re all on-the-go innovations. Along with The Electrofuel, The Electro, and The Recovery are The Energy Gel, The Pre-Workout Gel, and The Re-Fuel Bar. The Energy Gel is a relatively traditional carbohydrate-based gel supplement, packing 30g of carbs per pack for fuel and performance from a mix of maltodextrin and fructose, plus some B vitamins and electrolytes.

Where To Buy Myprotein And Hyrox Products

Pre-Workout Gel and Re-Fuel Bar

Moving on to The Pre-Workout Gel, that is, Myprotein and Hyrox’s pre-workout in a gel pack, featuring reliable pre-workout ingredients at light to moderate dosages in a gram of taurine, 1.5g each of beta-alanine and citrulline malate, under a gram each of acetyl-l-carnitine and arginine AKG, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, and a combined 230mg of caffeine for energy. Last but not least is The Re-Fuel Bar, a large, salted caramel-flavored 80g bar offering a quality source of carbohydrates and protein for recovery and refueling at 32g and 22g, respectively, from ground oats and whey concentrate.

Hyrox Series at

The functional items in Myprotein and Hyrox’s collaborative collection have a similar mindset to the three supplements — The Electro, The Electrofuel, and The Recovery — offering great ways to support endurance, performance, and recovery with quality sources of macronutrients and electrolytes. The on-the-go innovations, The Energy Gel, The Pre-Workout Gel, and the Re-Fuel Bar, obviously carry different price points starting at £19.99 for the pre-workout for a pack of 12 to £24.99 for the simpler Energy Gel, but you get 20 packs per box, then the balanced bar is £2.99 for a dozen.

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