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Tribulus aquaticus product Prime XT restocked just in time for SNS’ 4th Of July sale

Sns Restock Prime Xt After Launch

The reputable Serious Nutrition Solutions has restocked its sought-after Prime XT supplement following a record-breaking sold-out launch. The product, featuring the rare tribulus aquaticus, quickly became a hit upon its initial release with its 2.4g of the muscle growth, libido, strength, and recovery-supporting compound per serving. Longtime fans of sports nutrition and muscle-building supplement will most remember the ingredient from USP Labs’ popular testosterone booster Prime from way back in the day.

Anyone interested can now get their hands on Prime XT once again through Serious Nutrition Solutions’ online store at $49.99 for a single bottle of 60 servings, which lasts a typical month when used at its maximum of twice a day. If you’re really committed to the product, the brand does offer its usual bulk bundles for Prime XT with packs of three bottles, six bottles, and an entire year’s supply of 12 bottles with as much as 17% discount, and with 4th Of July right around the corner, those prices may be about to drop even further.

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