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Yesly supercharges its wellness water with a moderate dose of natural caffeine

Yesly Energy Drink

Yesly is an alternative functional beverage company that, instead of packing its signature drink with caffeine and other energizing and focus-enhancing ingredients, is all about hydration, health, and wellness. Yesly’s signature product brings together a variety of vitamins, including the legendary antioxidant vitamin c and b vitamins, and some electrolytes. The brand’s original effort has no sugar, low calories, and is also flat, without the usual bubbles of a canned drink.

A second Yesly competitor has made its way to market and this one is a bit more typical in the Yesly Energy Drink. The brand has filled this one with a similar set of vitamins and electrolytes, bringing over all of the same benefits, and it is still a flat, fizz-free experience without any carbonation. Again, the Yesly Energy Drink is indeed an energy drink which is what separates it from the regular Yesly beverage, with an injection of 114mg of natural caffeine coming from green tea.

The flavor selection of the moderately caffeinated Yesly Energy Drink is different from that of the regular Yesly beverage, with four completely new tastes to choose from in Green Apple, Mixed Berry, Tropical Punch, and Lime. They keep the nutrition nice and low at 2g of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, and 15 calories. You can get the product on Amazon, where a pack of 12, 12oz cans is available for $23.99, or $19.19 if you get in soon and use the 20% off coupon that’s on offer.