Ghost Size


  • Brand Ghost
  • Category Muscle Builder
  • Flavors Warheads Sour Watermelon, Mango, Lime, Natty
  • Price $39.99
  • Sizes 30 Servings

Active Ingredients

Per 12.5g serving
  • Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure) 5g
  • Beta-Alanine 3.2g
  • Betaine Anhydrous 2.5g
  • BetaPrimeJujube seed extract, theanine, celastrus seed extract 400mg
  • Epicatechin 200mg
  • AstraGinAstragalus and panax notoginseng extract 50mg
  • SenactivPanax notoginseng and rosa roxburghii 50mg
  • Other ingredients

    Natural flavor, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, stevia
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