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AmiN.O. Energy, the experience. Good but just not quite there

Optimum is one of the few who took a stand on the geranium empowered concentrates. BSN is the ally in this battle. AmiN.O. Energy is sort of a concentrate. Really ingredients wise just a powerful kick of caffeine. Want to get the experience…

It is full of caffeine. A series of different formulas but at the same time a huge energy kick. The name is a huge suggestion to what is actually in it. The amino acid profile is around 14 in total. A competitor against even the toughest of solo amino supps. As for a wake up call you will need a lot of this stuff. Compared to something like Jack3d or the now proved Neurocore. It does not offer that pump or focus. Energy is almost all this offers. A feel good fat burner without the thermogenesis.

Optimum Nutrition are not a company to follow the trends. Their protein powders have been setting the… Gold standard for years now. AmiN.O. Energy is a very unique supp. A clean WADA supp and quite strong possibly for a one time pick up. As for anything else not so. Possibly more fit for a female or your average one – two time a week pizza buddy. The product requires a massive six scoops for the intended powerful boost. Two minimum. The product did seem to be cheap with 30 serves. When you put it in the battle of 6 scoops this little bottle has the ability to last just 5 days.

If you are looking for clean then yeah this is going to be the way to go. As much as JetFUSE and Assault are on price. AmiN.O. Energy is a competitor for ON fans. It may seem like I got nothing good on this product apart from the feel good mood kick. Maybe a tiny wake up. The crown on this is the best tasting pre-workout that I have ever tasted. Although I did only hit the fruit fusion. The smell hits you so subtly. The taste is the combination of sweet and smooth. The battle needs to be won with difference so congrats on Optimum Nutrition.

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