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Build muscle with an unbelievable taste, German American Technologies Muscle Martini

German American Technologies on the release again. Muscle Martini. From what has been given out so far. It looks like an amino supp. Possibly a post-workout or pre sleep product. It is one thing they are lacking. AminoX, AminoFX and AmiN.O. Energy are some of the few to poke out. GAT have given this supp their usual flair with a very misleading name. Ingredients are most likely to include BCAAs, amino acids, stars like glutamine and maybe even some concentrated sugar shot. Like their previous protein powder Muscletein, with the best taste ever to hit powdered supps. They maybe trying to redeem themselves after the Prolein fail. Muscle Martini comes in three flavours, mixed berry candy (berry), peach mango candy and watermelon candy. Does adding candy at the end of every flavour make it taste that much better?

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