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Another multi vitamin pack is about to dominate, look out for VPX’s killer Medivin

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Few brands have been able to conjure up a multi vitamin worth a damn. Muscletech’s was a build up to nothing. For all those others released over the past months Muscle Pharm took all the attention with Armour-V. The only other two worth naming, AST’s Multi Pro 32x and the infamous Animal Pak. VPX just jumped in at the right time. Armour-V’s popularity has died down a bit. VPX taking notes from a couple with a pack. Vitamins, minerals, some amino and fatty acids. The pack believe it or not contains 1g protein. Promoted as serious liquid capsules this could be another top vitamin to join the race. Price will be something to note, though competing at Animal Pak’s monthly tin it is not too hard. VPX are a serious supplement company. Medivin is another one that just stepped up their reputation.

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