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USP Labs Compound 20 details release, no label but pre-order is now available

No major out break just a casual pre-order now. USP Labs Compound 20. Possibly the most awaited supplement of the year even with Myofusion’s Probiotic hype. Listed officially as a hardening and leaning compound. So looking to be a step up from Solid. BPI and USP have quite the battling products already now the only two in the category are at it again. The price on Compound 20 is looking pretty high. Almost double that of BPI’s Solid. Beta testers of this supplement have been giving it a good thumbs up saying that it does what it says and gives a bit of a pre-workout boost. The details are a 120 capsules bottle. Offering just 30 days worth as most and requiring 4 caps a day. No telling what the label says as nothing so far. Where can you pre-order this? GNC. You can already presume that the inner circle members will it sooner then later. Looking like the perfect christmas present.

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