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Duel: Jack3d Vs. 1 M.R., which one is the best?

You want to hear the truth for both. If you read here often you know how much Jack3d is awarded and praised. 1 M.R. the one scoop original. Between the two there will never be straight answer here. There are pre-workouts that do just suck ass. Pre cough surge cough cough. Then there are ones that will work but depending on the person they may work well or amazing. Jack3d is by most considered the focus powered supplement. Mind and energy driven. 1 M.R. does give the same but more in the strength area. Overloading your power and pump. Then for some the products work in reverse. A couple to name that are hanging out in the clouds, Jack3d, Neurocore, Hyper FX, 1 M.R. and C4 extreme. Get samples, don’t go wasting all your money on a whole tub. How will you know which one works best without trying them all? Trust us, you will know. You will know.

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