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Gaspari replace Plasmajet with Vasotropin, the sequel to follow rumoured as Glycotropin

You can all stop complaining now. With a shorter hype then the previous new product. Vasotropin is a pump product just in time to replcae Plasmajet. There have been a lot of people complaining over Gaspari and their situation of no pump supp. Now its the wait for sale. No ingredients or details so far. Look for that in the next few days. Looking to release in January the contents list does actually look quite short. So start thinking along the lines of Nanostim and Yok3d. The other product to look out for, Glycotropin. Said to be the next supplement to complete a the pair. Similar to what we mentioned previously on the Probiotic series. Gaspari fans are getting all sorts of excitement just in time for Xmas.

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