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Charger Pack is just a cheap dose of DHEA, you will get results at a price

A Stack3d fan asked about this product as it has become quite popular across America. After a quick browse, this probably deserves a deeper look. The Charger Pack is a combination of three supplements. The first one of the stack is Charge Drive which is made of typical energy stimulants. Except for one ingredient that is setting a trend in weight loss supps this year. At the bottom of Drive’s label you will spot a pretty form of DHEA (pro-hormone/steroid). Cheap way to gain success but this will give you results whether your intention is to build muscle or loose weight. Next up is Charge Cuts, a complex gel made up of high quality fatty acids and bought by itself would be great addition to any shredding stack.

Last on the list is Charge Test and in version 2 of the Charge Pack, Charge Night. Test is made up of some familiar faces like tribulus and saw palmetto. Oh it also has two forms of DHEA in it. Charge Night is actually an impressive recovery/sleep product. Pumped full of HGH and recovery boosters perfect for bed time it even features a sprinkle of melatonin and high quality tryptophan. All up the stack will get you results but not because of the good names like melatonin or yohimbe. Their presence is overshadowed by the cheap dosing of three forms of DHEA. These products were not made by experienced supplement makers and since there is no real info on price it will be nicely marked up.

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