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Muscle Pharm Creatine makes Red Crea7ine bite the dust, MRI Red Series release three more

MRI came out with three products originally and now three more have been added to the Red series. Crea7ine is one of them and the ingredients are not that bad. The 7 in the title stands for the amount of forms of creatine the product has. Wind the clocks back a bit and you might remember the review of Muscle Pharm’s creatine which had 5 different forms. So how much extra will this set you back for the 2 extra forms of creatine and amino acids? MRI are asking for a little under twice the price. Another blow to Crea7ine is that MP had 60 serves asking for just one per day. MRI recommend two serves per day and packed just 25 into the container. If you want an over priced creatine supplement with some fruit flavouring for the next two 12 and half days. Crea7ine will be perfect for you.

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