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MRI confirm reformulation of NO2 Ripcuts

no2 ripcuts

While it has certainly been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from MRI Performance, they have just announced the coming of a new supplement although it isn’t entirely new. The brand’s flavored fat burner NO2 RipCuts is officially getting an all new formula. In the words of MRI a “new and improved” NO2 RipCuts is on the way which only makes sense since the link to the product’s page on the brand’s website has been taken off the menu.

The big question now of course is what have MRI done to the weight loss supplement, or more importantly what have they done to apparently improve it? The most recent version packed a whole lot of ingredients with both fat burning and energizing features. Some of the ingredients from NO2 RipCuts include taurine, rhodiola, carnitine, as well as some not so common fat burning features such as CFM Nitro bioactive protein fractions and leucine. We will keep an eye out to see what MRI end up doing, and let you know as soon as they change their launch time from coming soon to something more exciting.

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