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MRI launches its transparent, but lightly dosed pre-workout Neuro Pump

neuro pump

Yesterday we wrote our first post about MRI Performance in a very long time, introducing the brand’s new amino formula Amino Ten. Today we have details on another new pre-workout product from MRI that’s just been released called Neuro Pump.

While Amino Ten may not have been anything overly impressive or different, with a simple 6g non-transparent amino blend. MRI’s pre-workout Neuro Pump is quite a bit different as it features a lot more ingredients and a more complex combination, and it is a 100% transparent supplement.

MRI does make a lot of promises with Neuro Pump with increased focus and reflex response, peak performance, maximized energy, and help to maintain lean mass. The list of ingredients backing up those effects includes highlights such as half a gram of tyrosine, 200mg each of caffeine and AlphaSize alpha GPC, and a fairly light 800mg of CarnoSyn beta-alanine.

neuro pump

While Neuro Pump does look like a product you could double scoop, with the caffeine at 200mg, and tyrosine and beta-alanine available in other pre-workouts at triple the dose. MRI does only suggest users take one scoop of Neuro Pump, with no recommendation on going any bigger.

You can read a little more about MRI’s upcoming Neuro Pump on its website at, where you can also now purchase the supplement. It’s currently available in only the one Electric Blue Razz flavor and for a limited time is discounted to $30 for 30 servings with the coupon “2000239”.

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