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Muscletech makes their team a hell of a lot smaller, no more Johnnie Jackson?

Looks like Jay Cutler is not the only one leaving team Muscletech. Fouad Abiad, David Henry, Cedric McMillan, Seth Feroce and Darrem Charles have all had the axe. The other big news is that long time Johnnie Jackson might also be cut from the team. If expanding across sports is what they have in mind, they should really rethink their strategy. Gatorade and Nike, they are the ones who use Olympic gold medalists as faces for products. It might be hard to believe or look at a bottle with Jay Cutler on it, but it is going to be a lot harder to take Cell-Tech and trust your muscle size will increase at all if Michael Phelps is on it. The majority of supplement consumers are people after better bodies, sculpting, not athlete’s. Muscle Pharm proved that with the products they are releasing.

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