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One of a kind sleep aid, detox and weight loss, SEI strike again with Dreamlean

SEI Nutrition’s MethylHex 42 made some news when the ingredients turned out to be stronger than the top selling weight loss supps of today. Some products in the SEI line up are not up to the mark but there is one hidden away about to surprise you, Dreamlean. The sexy packaging of this is matched by it’s incredible nutrition label. 10+ top quality ingredients to promote sleep, weight loss and detoxification. During sleep you will burn more fat than any other time of the day. SEI is the only company to actually put together a powerful formula of sleep aid and weight loss ingredients to take advantage of that fact. This is one of the most novel supplements out there today. If you were to buy a sleep aid, detox and weight loss (non-stimulant) supplement you could not beat the price or quality of what Dreamlean has.

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