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Pre-workout with some real talent to do some real damage, SAN Launch needs a trial immediately

Another concentrated supplement is joining the overcrowded pre-workout battle. Taking on Jack3d from SAN’s corner. Launch Full Impact 4350. It will be retailing for a price Jack3d left behind a few months ago. Similar to Jack3d in amount of ingredients however it uses a lot stronger forms and contents. DMAE, DMAA. These two together are the dynamic duo that have together been creating extremely powerful products. On the cheaper side you will also see arginine, tyrosine and some creatine. Very simple list. Following the form of what we reviewed their ElixAir HGH to be. It will fit right into the category of middle class cost but bring a whole new value to the price. It also has the ability to do some real damage with the formula. Anybody get some samples let us know.

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