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Promera Health’s Con-Cret reviewed, nothing special at all

Promera Health debuted the world’s first concentrated creatine early last year and it became a huge hit. People began to replace regular creatine monohydrate, then the bigger more expensive ones like Cell-Tech. Creatine is used just as much as protein powder these days, so a successful formula will go a long way in the industry. All this buzz, Con-Cret had to be put on trial.

If you were thinking about changing from your regular mono or even the highly recommended Muscle Pharm creatine to Con-Cret. Don’t. It may be the biggest leap forward in creatine development in years however stay with what ever works for you right now. Turns out Con-Cret is just an over hyped supplement.

It adds the usual 2-3kgs within the week, nothing more. At first it might come off as a great buy, as Promera really sell the 48 servings. Take into account it is 1 serve per 100lbs of body weight, so for males this tub is immediately halved to 24 serves. The 750mg scoop is pretty damn impressive but sadly all this does is make the price go up. No other brand has attempted a concentrated creatine although Muscletech’s Creacore is still under wraps.

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