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X-Fit Trainer’s stimulants can be counted on one hand, stay away from this shit

MHP have out done themselves selling their new product to the latest workout craze cross-fit. Targeting the endurance athlete’s, this pre-workout may be concentrated but it is anything but strong. Making the big claim, ‘banned substance free’, you can count the amount of stimulants in this on one hand. Muscle Pharm dominate the WADA athlete market and if MHP is the only competition they will continue to do so. The sad part about this supplement is that it will sell.

With promotion and advertising aimed at cross fit addicts they will buy it by the box. The strongest thing in this is the green tea caffeine or possibly the raspberry ketone. If you are after a powerful pre-workout stay away from this money wasting 20 serve tub. Does the banned substance thing really matter to you, yes? Assault, N.O. Xplode 2.0, JetFUSE. No? Jack3d, Neurocore, 1 M.R. You do not need to look far to find a product better than X-Fit Trainer.

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